About Us

SAPJ (Southeast Asia Psychology Journal) aims to obtain and publish high–quality original research, integrated reviews of the literature, case studies and commentaries that are associated with the theory research and professional practice of Psychology and it’s allied disciplines. It is my personal as well as the joint goal of the Board of Editors/ Associate Editors to seek original contributions of a conceptual, empirical, or historical nature. The Editors welcome pertinent contributions from all fields and sub-disciplines of Psychology.


SAPJ (Southeast Asia Psychology Journal)


  • Murnizam Hj. Halik
  • Peter Mitchell

Vice Chief Editor

  • Azizi Bin Yahaya

Board of Editors

  • Mohd. Dahlan Hj. A. Malek
  • Chua Bee Seok
  • Elizabeth Danial
  • Ismail Maakip
  • Balan RathaKrishnan
  • Ferlis Hj. Bahari
  • Joki Perdani Sawai
  • Suwaibah Zakaria
  • Beddu Salam Baco
  • Alfred Chan
  • Sharon Kwan Sam Mee
  • Shazia Iqbal Hashmi
  • Peter Voo
  • Rizalshah Latif
  • Wan Anor Wan Sulaiman
  • Sharani Ahmad
  • Rejani T.G
  • Carmella E. Ading
  • Jasmine Adela Mutang
  • Norhamidah Jarimal

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