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Behaviour Problems among special children in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: Some preliminary findings
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This paper reports on a pilot study which investigated the behavior problems among special children in Sabah. Questionnaires and interviews methods were used as the method to collect the relevant data. A total of 292 respondents in this study were taken from primary and secondary schools in Kota Kinabalu. They were comprised of primary and secondary special education teachers (N=82), primary and secondary school counselors (N=45), and primary and secondary school children (N=165). The results show that, there were 12 problems found among special children. The results indicated that, special education teachers ranked the problems such as more severe, disobedience, impertinence, tattling, and overcritical. What so ever, counselors noted the problems as more severe dishonesty, depression, hyperactivity, easily discouraged, enuresis, shyness, dependency, and dreaminess. The correlation between special education teachers and counselors rankings was significant at (p < 0.05), which indicated a similar point of view regarding the school children problems. The study also suggested several approaches in dealing with the special children behavior problems.

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. Mohd. Sharani Ahmad

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