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Predicting the Effect of Parent and Peer Attachment towards Global Self-Worth among Adolescents
2030, 0, 0
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Over the years, the term global self-worth, which discusses on the adolescent’s overall evaluation on general happiness and satisfaction, becomes important. Recent literature suggests that both the parent’s and peer’s attachments to the adolescent may be a key determinant and a positive relationship in their global self-worth. The current study aimed to examine the importance of perceived attachment in relation to the adolescent’s global self-worth. A self-report survey was administered to a total of 100 adolescents in a public middle school. The questionnaires used in the survey are from the Revised Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment (IPPA-R; Gullone & Robinson, 2005) and Self-Perception Profile for Adolescents (SPPA; Harter, 2012). The validity and reliability of both questionnaires were verified. The Standard Multiple Regression analysis was conducted to determine the best predictor for the global self-worth. The results of the analysis allow us to answer the research question of the study, which indicate that the parent’s attachment makes a significant contribution to the prediction of an adolescent’s global self-worth (? = .295, p > 0.01, p < 0.05). Surprisingly, the finding revealed that there is no significant influence of peer’s attachment on the adolescent’s global self-worth. The current study also noted that the role of the parent’s attachment is important in predicting the global self-worth of an adolescent, which shows to be inconsistent with other studies. The conclusions and implications in the impact of the parent’s and peer’s attachment on the adolescent’s self-worth were discussed

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. Chua Yee Chii

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