what is SAPJ ?

SAPJ is an acronym for the Southeast Asia Psychology Journal

How to register ?

your can register by clicking register button 

published article as appear in the journal in PDF


how to become a reviewer?

your can be a reviewer by regestering as reviewer

How do I submit my article?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click "Submit Your Paper" on main page.

Submit Paper

How much does it cost to publish in SAPJ?

 Publishing an article is free of charge

Can I access my article online?

Yes, SAPJ is open access journal

What is a SAPJ codes?

SAPJ codes are a psychology journal classification by SAPJ. click here for the full list of SAPJ codes or download SAPJ codes here

When is the start of submission and other details?

They are no submission deadline. However, it is strongly recommended to submit your manuscript as soon possible so that we can process it immediately

SAPJ background
Author guideline


Unable to register as a reviewer/author because the system rejects my official email (without .edu or sc)

Please send your detail (designation, name, email, institution affiliation and country) to editor[at] (change [at] to @) for registration purpose.

I have not received my confirmation email. What now?

If you entered a non-existent or incorrect email address in the register form, email confirmation will not work. You will have to register using your existing or correctly-spelled email address.

I have not received my email notification. What do I do?

1.check your spam/junk folder. Many spam filters will put legitimate emails in the spam folder.

2.Please wait for a few hours(Max 24 hours). Most notification emails will take a few minutes to reach you but sometimes they can get stuck somewhere along the way and take longer.

3.If you have tried all of these steps, and you have still not received an email notification, please send an email to editor[at] (change [at] to @) 

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