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The Mediating Effect of Emerging Adulthood Experiences on The Relationship Between Parental Attachment and Social Adjustment in The University
2030, 0, 0
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A mediation model was proposed to analyse the relationship between parental attachment and social adjustment. Specifically, this study aims to contribute and fill a gap in the emerging adulthood literature by analysing the mediating role of emerging adulthood dimensions (identity exploration, instability/negativity, self-focused, possibilities/experimentation, feeling “in- between”). Thus, a variance-based structural modelling via partial least squares was employed to analyse the hypothesized relationships. Data was gathered from 568 freshmen from a public university in the Western region of Malaysia. The results show that only self-focused is a significant mediator in the relationship between parental attachment and social adjustment. Practical contribution was discussed particularly among counsellors and academicians who work with emerging adult clients.

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Asocc Prof. Murnizam Halik

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