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The Psychological Effects of the COVID- 19 on Children, University Students, Adults, Older Adults: A Review Study
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The COVID-19 pandemic has psychologically affected young and old alike. Loneliness, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep problems have occurred in different parts of all societies. Especially for children and adolescents, getting away from the social environment and attending online lessons while sitting at home has caused a problematic process along with some other obstacles. University students had to move away from the campus environment, which is believed to be a satisfying social atmosphere and academic environment for them, and they had to move back to their hometowns due to strict restrictions and some lockdown implementations. For adults, having multi-faced responsibilities such as having children and taking care of many family members as well as fulfilling those changing responsibilities is emotionally challenging. Older adults have gone through a long process of social isolation, loneliness, depression, and negative stereotypes about age, and they have had difficulties in accessing their basic needs. By considering the different needs of every age group, it is essential to understand how everyone is affected during the pandemic process. The aim of study is to examine the psychological effects, risk factors, age-specific problems experienced in each age group during COVID-19 and to raise awareness about the protective factors and elements that can increase psychological well-being.

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Prof. Dr.. Gulsen Erden

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