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Big-Five personality traits and its effect on Emotional intelligence among public school personnel in Malaysia
2070, 2040, 2060
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The aim of the present study was to examine the effect and contribution of Big Five personality traits towards emotional intelligence among high performance public school personnel carrying their role as school leaders. Sample of the study was comprised of 306 (Male =132; Female =174) public school personnel as leaders in their respective environments, such as principal, senior administrative assistant, senior assistant student affairs (HEM), senior assistant curriculum, the heads of the four departments set by the Ministry of Education i.e. Heads of Humanities and Religion, Science and Math, English, and Engineering & vocational as well as members of general committee from High Performance Schools (SBT) in Malaysia. Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) and The Revised NEO Personality Inventory were used to measure EI and personality traits accordingly. Regression analysis showed that personality traits was becomes a significant predictors and contributing significantly in order explain emotional intelligence i.e. Conscientiousness (R² = .305, F= 133.528, P<0.05), Extraversion (R² = .357, F= 84.295, P<0.05), Agreeableness (R² = .414, F= 71.151, P<0.05), and Openness to experiences (R² = .428, F= 56.196, P<0.05). The finding revealed that all four personality traits emerged as significant predictors of emotional intelligence. The finding also revealed that Conscientiousness emerged as best predictor of emotional intelligence. However, different traits play differential roles in predicting the emotional intelligence. Keeping in view the implications of personality traits towards EI among school personnel as leaders, finding of the present research can help to improve overall organizational behaviour and productivity resulting in optimum service delivery to the stakeholders within educational system in Malaysia.

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