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Psychoanalysis approach on depression traits among young inmates
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This study is aimed to determine the sources of depressive traits among the young inmates in prison. The psychoanalysis approach is used to diagnose problems associated with depressive traits using experimental methods for 6-session structure groups. Treatment based on Psychoanalysis looks into the sources of depression and the Id, Ego and Superego of young inmates. A module-based on Psychoanalysis techniques has been built and the main concept of this module is to improve the inmate’s own reaction to depression. The inmates believe that depression is due to their aggressive behavior. In general, there were no changes in the inmate’s depression, but after the treatment, finding show lesser depression in the inmates. Inmates, who are able to control their feelings in situations of depression, are presumed to be able to manage their behavior in all situations. A handful of inmates were unable to improve their depression and the reasons for this are discussed further in this research paper. In conclusion, it appears Id, Ego and Superego of Inmates has room to choose changes in depression behavior.

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. Saralah Devi Mariamdaran

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