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What is the Influence of Smartphone Addiction on Student’s Psychological Well-being?
4020, 2050, 3040
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Smartphone addiction has many impacts on its users both physical and psychological. This research was conducted to explore the influence of smartphone addiction on psychological well-being among university students 407 students from various faculties of a university in Indonesia (181 men and 226 women) were selected based on the cluster random sampling method. The instruments used in this study were Smartphone Addiction Scale (SAS) and Psychological well-being scale that aimed to answer the main objective of the study. Data collected from the study was nalyzed azed using regression tests, Pearson product-moment tests, descriptive tests, as well as the t-test and ANOVA. The results shows that there was significant influence of smartphone addiction on psychological well-being of university students

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. Hifizah Nur

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