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The Effect of Self-transformation and Spiritual Experience of The Resilience on Muslim Women Who Wear The Burqa in Jakarta
5100, 2070, 5110
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Women who have decided to wear the veil in his daily life will be a lot to see conflict, whether the conflict on the women themselves (within people) as well as the conflict between veiled woman with other people or community (between people) is the prejudice that is less good than community or various forms of discrimination against them. The subjects were Muslimah who wear the burqa in Jakarta, with N = 60. Quantitative method based on regression linier analysis. And the Result: R = 0.689 (p<0.05) and the effective contribution (R 2 ) from the self-transformation and spiritual experience to resilience is 41.1%. It’s means there is significant influence the self-transformation and spiritual experience to resilience on women who wear the burqa in Jakarta.

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SHI., S.Psi., M.Si. Erna Multahada

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