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Understanding Mental Health in the Context of the Pagdadala (Wellbeing-Narratives) of Filipino College Students
1050, 2020, 2040
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Education plays a vital role in promoting mental health (MH). However, there is a lack of a unified, holistic, and contextualized understanding and application of MH processes in an educational setting. With that gap, the study explores the wellbeing (the pagdadala) of Filipino college students to broaden the traditional understanding and approach of MH in an educational space. To describe and immerse in the narratives of students, the researcher used Decenteceo’s Pagdadala (Life Narrative) Model. The participants’ wellbeing is multi-faceted, mostly about their academic and personal lives. Anchored in empirical studies and fundamental mental health suppositions, the stories of struggles, sentiments, strengths, culture, and lifestyle of Filipino students cover the essential concerns of mental health. Echoing the voice of students, MH, in an educational space, goes beyond the traditional approach. It requires diving into students’ life-realities, developing culture-sensitive and student-centered intervention and measures, and collaboration between MH experts and education stakeholders.

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Dr. Rhodius Noguera

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