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Fears in Singaporean children: Identification of and comparison of fear dimensions between Singaporean, Australian, and American children
4040, 4120, 2030
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This study was designed to investiagate the normal fears experienced by Singaporean children and to compare these fears with those reported by Australian and American children. A total of 1,234 Singaporean children aged 7 to 12 years filled in the Fear Survey Schedule for Children-Revised questionnaire. The study's findings revealed that the top common fears reported by Singaporean children relate to fears that concern death and danger. Factor analysis yielded a 10 factor structure that relates primarily to the fears of danger and death, and fears related to negative social consequences. Compared to children in Australia and America, the findings from this study suggest higher fear sensitivity among Singaporean children towards ordinary day-to-day events. The implications of the study's findings for understanding fears in Singaporean children are discussed.


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Associate Professor Dr.. Robert Tack kwei Ho
PRESENT POSITION: Associate Professor ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: Program Co-Ordinator for Psychology Discipline at Central Queensland University, Australia (6th March 2004 to 30th July 2004) Head of the School of Psychology and Sociology at Central Queensland University, Australia (February 2001 to March 2004) School representative on Faculty Education Committee (Central Queensland University, Australia) School representative on University Planning and Development Committee(Central Queensland University,Australia) School representative on Faculty Management Group (Central Queensland University, Australia) Member of the Human Ethics Research Committee at Central Queensland University (February 1996 to May 2006)

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