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Predicting the Effect of Parent and Peer Attachment towards Global Self-Worth among Adolescents

Chua Yee Chii, Chua Bee Seok, Agnis Sombuling

Volume : Vol 4, 2016

Publication Date : 2016-12-30

SAPJ Code : 2030, 0, 0

Keywords : adolescent development, parent and peer attachment, global self-worth.

Abstract : Over the years, the term global self-worth, which discusses on the adolescent’s overall evaluation on general happiness and satisfaction, becomes important. Recent literature suggests that both the parent’s and peer’s attachments to the adolescent may be a key determinant and a positive relationship in their global self-worth. The current study aimed to examine the importance of perceived attachment in relation to the adolescent’s global self-worth. A self-report survey was administered to a total of 100 adolescents in a public middle school. The questionnaires used in the survey are from the Revised Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment (IPPA-R; Gullone & Robinson, 2005) and Self-Perception Profile for Adolescents (SPPA; Harter, 2012). The validity and reliability of both questionnaires were verified. The Standard Multiple Regression analysis was conducted to determine the best predictor for the global self-worth. The results of the analysis allow us to answer the research question of the study, which indicate that the parent’s attachment makes a significant contribution to the prediction of an adolescent’s global self-worth (? = .295, p > 0.01, p < 0.05). Surprisingly, the finding revealed that there is no significant influence of peer’s attachment on the adolescent’s global self-worth. The current study also noted that the role of the parent’s attachment is important in predicting the global self-worth of an adolescent, which shows to be inconsistent with other studies. The conclusions and implications in the impact of the parent’s and peer’s attachment on the adolescent’s self-worth were discussed

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Performance of students’ with Learning Disabilities (LD) on Ravens’ Coloured Progressive Matrices

Shazia Iqbal Hashmi,Getrude C. Ah Gang @ Grace and Chua Bee Seok

Volume : Vol. 3, 2015

Publication Date : 2016-06-28

SAPJ Code : 4100, 3010, 2030

Keywords : Performance, Learning Disabilities, Ravens’ Coloured Progressive Matrices

Abstract : The main objective of the present study was to explore the performance of students with learning disabilities on test of intellectual functioning. Apart from that, this study also focused on observing the difference in intellectual abilities among male and female students with learning disabilities as well. The participants were 80 students within the age ranges of 8- 11 years old; which consist of 47 males and 33 females diagnosed as having learning disabilities from five public schools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia. Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices (Raven, 1995) was used to assess students’ intellectual functioning. It was found that the performance of 12.5% children were on intellectually superior level, 38.5% were on definitely above average, 22.5% were on average, 11.3 % were below average, and 15% were on intellectually impaired level. As for gender difference in scores, the results of non-parametric Fisher Exact test showed that significant association between gender and children intellectual ability ( =18.94, df = 4, p < .05) was found. On the basis of observed cell frequencies, it can be concluded that male students’ performance was more towards the extreme of higher and lower ends and female students’ performance was more towards average. The differences in basic intellectual abilities determined during the present study can be used as a guideline by the responsible authorities to identify appropriate and individualized interventions which are suitable for different group of children based on their level of intellectual functioning and learning disabilities.

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The Relationship Between Parental Attachment Toward Delinquent Behavior among Young Offenders

Siti Noor Fazariah Bt Suis @ Mohd Rusdy Razima Hanim Othman, Azahar Che Latif, Norhamidah Jarimal @ Safri

Volume : Vol. 3, 2015

Publication Date : 2016-06-28

SAPJ Code : 2070, 4080, 5090

Keywords : Parental attachment,Delinquent behavior,Young offenders

Abstract :

This study examined the relationship between parental attachment and delinquent behavior and the differences between age ranged and delinquency types among young offenders in Sabah. A total of 92 young offenders aged 16-21 years old were selected by using purposive sampling method from rehabilitation institutions in Sabah. The revised version of Inventory of Parents and Peers Attachments (Revised-IPPA-R) and the Junger Delinquency Scale were used in this study. The correlation findings shows that there is a weak negative and significant relationship between parental attachment and delinquent behavior (r=-.337, k<0.05). Specifically, the higher the parental attachment, the lower the delinquent behavior. Discussion on the implications for young offenders, families and communities were discussed. Some suggestions on future research were also provided. 

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Penilaian Psikologi Profiling di antara Penglibatan Belia Lelaki dan Wanita dalam Sukan Taekwondo di Kota Kinabalu

Razima Hanim Osman, Murnizam Hj. Halik, Norlizah Matshah, Norhamidah Jarimal @ Safri

Volume : Vol. 3, 2015

Publication Date : 2015-12-12

SAPJ Code : 2050, 2080, 5090

Keywords : Taekwondo,, Kemahiran-kemahiran Mental,Ottawa Mental Skills Assesment Tool-3 (OMSAT-3)

Abstract : Tujuan kajian ini adalah untuk mengkaji penilaian psikologi profiling dari segi perkembangan kemahiran-kemahiran mental (kemahiran asas, kemahiran psiko-somatik dan kemahiran kognitif) ke atas para atlet belia lelaki dan wanita yang menyertai sukan taekwondo. Seramai 43 atlet belia yang menyertai sukan taekwondo dalam 3rd Asian University Malaysia Championship dijadikan sebagai responden. Alat kajian yang digunakan untuk mengukur kemahiran-kemahiran mental adalah Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool-3 (OMSAT-3). Alat kajian ini mengukur kemahiran-kemahiran mental dalam tiga kategori iaitu kemahiran asas, kemahiran psiko-somatik dan kemahiran kognitif. Hasil kajian menunjukkan peserta wanita cenderung mempunyai kemahiran psikosomatik dari segi kawalan ketakutan, manakala atlet lelaki cenderung dalam kemahiran asas. Ini bermakna, sukan taekwondo membantu dalam meningkatkan kemahiran-kemahiran mental terutama belia wanita dalam pembentukan kemahiran psiko-somatik iaitu pengawalan dari segi ketakutan dan tekanan. Penglibatan dalam sukan taekwondo juga membantu dalam pembentukan kemahiran kognitif para belia wanita dalam membuat perancangan dan lebih fokus dalam menghadapi situasi yang mencabar.

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Puteri Hayati Megat Ahmad, Nurul Hudani Md Nawi

Volume : Vol. 3, 2015

Publication Date : 2015-11-01

SAPJ Code : 2070, 4140, 5070

Keywords : latarbelakang, pengekalan, cara berfikir, kecelaruan

Abstract : Kertas kerja ini bertujuan untuk membincangkan golongan lelaki kecelaruan identiti gender yang sedang menuntut di institusi pengajian tinggi swasta dan awam di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Kajian ini cuba memahami kenapa golongan ini menongkah norma, adat dan agama melalui penelitian terhadap latarbelakang, perlakuan dan cara berfikir subjek mengenai tingkah laku mereka. Pemahaman latarbelakang subjek dilakukan melalui penelitian aspek-aspek mengenai hubungan dengan ibubapa, koleksi barang kesayangan, tempat yang sering dikunjungi, fokus penampilan diri, hubungan interpersonal, ciri teman istimewa dan pandangan terhadap perkahwinan. Pengekalan perlakuan golongan ini pula difahami melalui faktor penampilan dan faktor masa lampau golongan terbabit. Pandangan subjek terhadap tingkah laku dan terhadap pandangan masyarakat membantu pengkaji memahami cara golongan ini berfikir. Kajian dijalankan dengan menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif melalui temuduga berstruktur. Seramai sembilan subjek lelaki telah dipilih berdasarkan penampilan fizikal subjek dan cara pergaulan mereka. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan kesemua subjek sedar tingkah laku tersebut tidak disukai oleh ibu bapa dan kerana itu mereka menyembunyikan tingkah laku tersebut dari pengetahuan ibubapa. Faktor masa silam dan faktor penampilan telah mengukuhkan tingkah laku kecelaruan golongan ini dan sebahagian besar merasa sangat bahagia dan berpuas hati dengan kehidupan mereka sekarang.

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Big-Five personality traits and its effect on Emotional intelligence among public school personnel in Malaysia

Nurul Hudani Md Nawi, Marof Redzuan, Shazia Iqbal Hashmi, Anuar Din

Volume : Vol. 3, 2015

Publication Date : 2015-02-16

SAPJ Code : 2070, 2040, 2060

Keywords : Emotional intelligence, Personality traits, school leaders

Abstract : The aim of the present study was to examine the effect and contribution of Big Five personality traits towards emotional intelligence among high performance public school personnel carrying their role as school leaders. Sample of the study was comprised of 306 (Male =132; Female =174) public school personnel as leaders in their respective environments, such as principal, senior administrative assistant, senior assistant student affairs (HEM), senior assistant curriculum, the heads of the four departments set by the Ministry of Education i.e. Heads of Humanities and Religion, Science and Math, English, and Engineering & vocational as well as members of general committee from High Performance Schools (SBT) in Malaysia. Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) and The Revised NEO Personality Inventory were used to measure EI and personality traits accordingly. Regression analysis showed that personality traits was becomes a significant predictors and contributing significantly in order explain emotional intelligence i.e. Conscientiousness (R² = .305, F= 133.528, P<0.05), Extraversion (R² = .357, F= 84.295, P<0.05), Agreeableness (R² = .414, F= 71.151, P<0.05), and Openness to experiences (R² = .428, F= 56.196, P<0.05). The finding revealed that all four personality traits emerged as significant predictors of emotional intelligence. The finding also revealed that Conscientiousness emerged as best predictor of emotional intelligence. However, different traits play differential roles in predicting the emotional intelligence. Keeping in view the implications of personality traits towards EI among school personnel as leaders, finding of the present research can help to improve overall organizational behaviour and productivity resulting in optimum service delivery to the stakeholders within educational system in Malaysia.

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Azahar Che Latiff(, Najib Ahmad Marzuki (,Norlizah Matshah (

Volume : Vol. 2, 2014

Publication Date : 2014-12-07

SAPJ Code : 2060, 2050, 4090

Keywords : Keywords : work environment problems, psychological health problems, job satisfaction, paramedics in public hospital

Abstract : The objective of this study is to identify the relationship between work environment problems and psychological health problems with job satisfaction among Paramedics in a public hospital. Work environment problems can be categorized in two categories namely social-psychological relationship problems and work coping problems. On the other hand, psychological health problems can be categorized in two categories namely health and physical problems, and psychological problems. This study had involved 226 Paramedics from a public hospital as respondents using stratified random sampling based on work locations. Mooney Problem Checklist Adult Form and Job Satisfaction Survey by Specter (1994) were used for these purposes. The results of the study indicated that work environment problems, psychological health problems and jobs satisfaction among Paramedics are mutually related. The finding also proved that work environment problems and psychological health problems suffered by Paramedics employees did influence their level of job satisfaction.

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Contributing Factors to Children’s Critical Thinking Ability: The Perception of Pre-Service Teachers from A Private University in Malaysia

Wirawani binti Kamarulzaman, Dr. Ismail Sheikh bin Ahmad

Volume : Vol. 2, 2014

Publication Date : 2014-11-25

SAPJ Code : 2040, 4110, 4040

Keywords : Children,critical thinking ability,pre-service teachers,qualitative method

Abstract :

The purpose of the study is to explore the perceptions of pre-service teachers on the factors that contribute to critical thinking ability of children. In-depth interviews were done to two pre-service teachers who are currently studying at a private university. Findings show that knowledge and experiences of children dealing with peers and adults contribute the most to the critical thinking ability. Environment and exploration also help children to build the skill

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Coping strategies, perceptions of the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs and intention to relapse among former methamphetamine addicts.

Norlizah Binti Matshah, Murnizam Halik, Patricia Joseph Kimong, Norzihan Ayub, Sharon Kwan Sam Mee, Peter Voo Su Kiong

Volume : Vol. 2, 2014

Publication Date : 2014-11-25

SAPJ Code : 4020, 4180, 5090

Keywords : Coping, Rehabilitation, Relapse

Abstract : This study aims to explore issues on coping strategies, perceptions of the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs and the process of their intention to relapse among former Methamphetamine addicts. A total of 59 respondents were selected using purposive sampling which made up of former addicts who are undergoing surveillance program in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The results found that, several strategies employed by former addicts in their coping style have shown possibility of relapse. The study also found that respondents were quite positive with the activities organised by Malaysia National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK). This indirectly has become a form of treatment and therapy among the former addicts. The conclusion could be explained based on Transtheoretical Model of Change by Prochaska et. al(1992).

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Review of the Job Demand-Control and Job Demand-Control-Support models: Elusive moderating predictor effects and cultural implications

R. Zirwatul Aida R . Ibrahim, Keis Ohtsuka

Volume : Vol. 1, 2012

Publication Date : 2014-11-24

SAPJ Code : 1010, 4130, 0

Keywords :

Abstract : The Job Demand-Control (JDC) and Job Demand-Control-Support (JDCS) models are among the most widely used theoretical frameworks that relate the characteristics of a job to health and wellbeing. The purpose of this paper is to review studies on these models, which are well recognised job stress theories in western cultural settings. Generally, the review finds that psychosocial work environment variables of high job demands, low job control and low social support are consistently associated with workers’ high strain or low wellbeing. However, two-way and three-way interactive predictors reveal contradictory findings and moderating hypotheses receive modest support from the literature. The review provides insights into the need for further investigation of these models in different cultural settings, such as the collectivist culture of Malaysia, to further understanding of the cross-cultural applications of JDC and JDCS models.

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